In the Toddler community there is great emphasis on preparing an environment where each child has the ability to move and explore, which supports the development of their self-knowledge. Freedom is given within limits in order for the child to become organized and learn respect for others. The environment is prepared in a way that appeals to the senses through order, balance, and harmony and allows children to follow their natural curiosity and to experiment with the materials.   The teacher possesses the natural warmth, nurturing, and patience so essential at this age. She gives practical life lessons on social graces, washing hands, putting on shoes and coats, sitting, eating, taking turns, sharing, and learning to be patient. Practical life lessons foster independence and the development of the child's will.

The activities of Practical Life are designed to develop everyday living skills; caring for yourself, caring for where you live (the environment), preparing and serving food, and the lessons of grace and courtesy (manners and control of movement). Practical Life activities aid the development of concentration, coordination of movement, order and independence. These activities are important to the integration of the child’s personality because they develop trust and feelings of self-worth.

Language is incorporated into all daily activities. These include circle time, singing, story time, movement, group lessons, and celebrations. Other language activities include matching objects to "sandpaper" letters.

Math concepts are introduced to the young child when making and sharing snacks. The child will also match fruit or objects to "sandpaper" numbers. Again, many opportunities will be presented to teach quantity and symbols during daily activities.

All the materials appeal to the child's interest and are placed on low shelves to fully foster his or her natural curiosity. The materials are rotated both to meet the needs of a developing child and in keeping with the seasons and celebrations.

Children in this age group have a strong drive and desire to do what they see adults do.  This setting provides them not only with the opportunity to do adult work (preparing food, washing dishes, and caring for plants, etc.) but also provides them with the appropriate tools to accomplish these tasks.  The sense of pride children feel in learning to care for themselves and their environments is a true thing of beauty.  Hearing a child proclaim, “I did it!” is one of the best feelings a Montessori guide or a parent can ever experience.

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